Create a new Snap Message

Send disappearing messages

When you create a message, you receive a unique url for that message. You can send that url to your contacts.

Your message can contain information you don't want to be stored in Slack, Messenger or text messages, such as passwords or other content that should not be kept stored in the cloud.
After a while, the message disappears and is removed from our database.

Much like SnapChat.

Limit message lifetime by date and views

You can limit the message lifetime. You can also limit the number of times the unique url can be viewed.

When you want to send a password, you can choose to make the lifetime of the message 1 day, and the maximum number of views 1. Your contact should immediately copy the message into his password database once he opens the message.

Your messages are encrypted

Your snap messages are stored encrypted in our database so our database admins can't read them. We use strong encryption keys.

1000 snap messages

already 1000 snap messages have been created by our users

It's free!

We don't charge anything for your personal or small business use.

Easy to use

Just create a message and receive a disappearing url!